Home Theater Video Projectors

Home Theater Video Projectors
By Jason Gluckman

A home theater enables us to view films in the comfortable ambience of our homes. The unique ambience of movie halls can be recreated completely, minus the crowds, and favorite movies can be watched with friends and relatives in comfort. Home theater video projectors are the main component around which the home theater system runs.

At present, there are three kinds of video projector technology in use. They are CRT, LCD, and DLP. Apart from these, there are certain modifications also available based on the technology used for the above three.

During the early years of video projectors, television expertise was centered on Cathode Ray Tube technology, or CRT. Cathode ray tubes are used for the generation of a television image. Three small CRTs with a single unit meant for every principal color, and a light-magnifying lens, helps in the projection of a color representation against a big screen in a dimly lit room. A CRT projector is capable of creating superior high-resolution images. This can be achieved with the help of the right combination of video processing circuitry, CRT size, and lens combination.

The second sort of video projector is the LCD projector, or Liquid Crystal Display. This is different from a CRT projector in the sense that it is not based on the conventional projection tube. An LCD projector primarily operates by delivering a strong light source through a transparent LCD chip comprising of individual pixels, which exhibits the moving video image. This image is subsequently projected through a lens to a big screen.

The rapid developing sort of video projector with respect to sales is the DLP, or Digital Light Processing projector. This type of projector is very similar to the LCD as in this also the real image is exhibited on a chip.

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